Hassan Ghasemzadeh

Reliability Evaluation of Silicon-based Nano-Devices

Accurate and low cost simulation of possible defects and variations is very critical for emerging nano-devices. As conventional CMOS technology reaches its limitations, the modeling and simulation of future devices must go beyond the conventional models to tackle these challenges.

With the lack of mature compact models for emerging devices, TCAD provides the opportunity of low cost device simulation. With aggressive moving toward deep nano-scale, the execution time of the common variation analysis technique such as Monte Carlo exponentially grows according to the number of parameters. Therefore, parameter reduction techniques become very important for fast simulation. Moreover, enhancing the time complexity of computations in 3-D TCAD is necessary. Currently, trade-off between time complexity and accuracy is the greatest challenge of reliability and variability models. Efficient reliability evaluation and variation analysis for silicon-based nano devices is the main goal of this research.