Completed doctoral theses

Xifan Tang, 2017

Thesis title: Circuit Design, Architecture and CAD for RRAM-based FPGAs

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Stefanos Skalistis, 2017

Thesis title: Efficient Adaptive Hard Real-time Multi-processor Systems


Ioulia Tzouvadaki, 2017

Thesis title: Nanoscale Sensors for Ultrasensitive Label-free Detection of Cancer Biomarkers and Monitoring of Therapeutic Compounds

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Nima Aliakbarinodehi, 2017

Thesis title: Ultra Selective and Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Anti-Cancer and Anti-Viral Drugs by Optimized Nano-Bio-Sensors

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Francesca Puppo, 2016

Thesis title: SiNW-based Biosensors for Profiling Biomarkers in Breast Tumor Tissues

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Hassan Ghasemzadeh, 2016

Thesis title: Robustness Analysis of Controllable-Polarity Silicon Nanowire Devices and Circuits

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Jian Zhang, 2016

Thesis title: Multiple-Independent-Gate Field-Effect Transistors for High Computational Density and Low Power Consumption

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Luca Amarù, 2015

Thesis title: New Data Structures and Algorithms for Logic Synthesis and Verification

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Michele De Marchi, 2015

Thesis title: Polarity Control at Runtime: from Circuit Concept to Device Fabrication

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Irene Taurino, 2015

Thesis title: Carbon and Platinum Nanostructured Electrodes on Miniaturized Devices for Biomedical Diagnostics

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Camilla Baj-Rossi, 2015

Thesis title: Implantable Multi-panel Platform for Continuous Monitoring of Exogenous and Endogenous Metabolites for Applications in Personalized Medicine

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Julien Ghaye, 2015

Thesis title: Image processing on reconfigurable hardware for continuous monitoring of fluorescent biomarkers in cell cultures

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Sara Ghoreishizadeh, 2015

Thesis title: Integrated Electronics to Control and Readout Electrochemical Biosensors for Implantable Applications

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Somayyeh Rahimian Omam, 2015

Thesis title: Signaling in 3-D integrated circuits, benefits and challenges


Giulia Beanato, 2014

Thesis title: Speed/Power/Area Trade-offs for High Speed Inter Layer Data Transmission in 3D Stacked ICs


Gözen Köklü, 2014

Thesis title: Design and Implementation of CMOS Image Sensors for Biomedical Applications

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Wenqi You Dubout, 2014

Thesis title: An Algorithmic Approach to Personalized Drug Concentration Predictions


Jacopo Olivo, 2013

Thesis title: Remote Powering and Communication of Implantable Biosensors Through Inductive Link

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Davide Sacchetto, 2013

Thesis title: Multi-Terminal Am-Bipolar Memristive Devices for Emerging Logic and Memory Architectures

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Shashi Kanth Bobba, 2013

Thesis title: Design Methodologies and CAD for Emerging Nanotechnologies

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Andrea Cavallini, 2013

Thesis title: An implantable biosensor array for personalized therapy applications

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Cristina Boero, 2012

Thesis title: Electrochemical Biosensors for On-line Monitoring of Cell Culture Metabolism

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Hu Xu, 2012

Thesis title: Modeling and Design Techniques for 3-D ICs under Process, Voltage, and Temperature Variations

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Ciprian Seiculescu, 2012

Thesis title: Design Methods and Tools for Application-Specific Predictable Networks-on-Chip

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Francesco Zanini, 2011

Thesis title: Design of Thermal Management Control Policies for Multiprocessors Systems on Chip

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Haykel Ben Jamaa, 2009

Thesis title: Fabrication and Design of Nanoscale Regular Circuits

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Abhishek Garg, 2009

Thesis title: Implicit Methods for Modeling Gene Regulatory Networks

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