Electrodeposited nanoporous Au and Pt films for non-enzymatic glucose sensing

**** Master Project ****


Contacts: Dr. MER Sandro Carrara, Senior Scientist, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI                
                  Ms. Irene Taurino, Post-doctoral researcher, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI


Recently, single point fingerstick and implantable electrochemical glucose sensors have significantly improved diabetes control and blood glucose management.  All these sensors are based on enzymatic detection. The elimination of the enzyme, that is intrinsically instable, and of the sensor dependence on oxygen, which level is very low in blood, is therefore highly desirable for sensing glucose.

The goal of this project is to identify the metal nanostructure’s most sensitive, selective and resistant to the biofueling for non-enzymatic voltammetric sensing of glucose. Final measurements will be done directly with real biosamples from cell cultures.


  • Test differently shaped and sized Pt and Pt-Au nanocoatings for non-enzymatic glucose sensing in synthetic buffer and cell media.
  • Selection of the best nanostructured electrode and voltammetric technique to sense glucose with the device in a fluidic system
  • Real-time monitoring of the cell status on the basis of glucose readings


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge on electrochemical sensors

  • Basic knowledge of nanomaterials and chemistry
Interest and motivation