Cloud System Integration in an Android App for eHealth in Intensive Care Units

**** Master Project ****


Contacts: Dr. MER Sandro Carrara, Senior Scientist, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI
                  Ing. Pierre-Mikael Legris, Pryv Co-Founder, EPFL-Innovation Park Building D
                  Ms. Francesca Stradolini, PhD Student, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI




Patients in Intensive Care Units need a continuous monitoring of some crucial molecular parameters (e.g., glucose, lactate, potassium, etc.) for safety control on their lives. Thanks to the great improvements in the capabilities of mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, it becomes common interest to develop applications that can facilitate the way for reading and monitoring data from sensors. The wireless connection allows to display the measured values in real-time which prevents time-consuming laboratory analysis and decreases the delay for decision making and reaction in an emergency case.
Moreover, the possibility to perform remote consulting and data exchange between doctors and specialists enables better medical intervention in a shorter period of time.

The Master Project:

Working with an already developed Android suite that collects data from an electrochemical multi-panel platform for biosensing, the student will extend the existing app with the following features:

  • Collect information on a cloud system using Pryv’s Java library (
  • Remote data monitoring
  • Remote sensor control

The communication between the hardware biosensing platform and the mobile device exploits the Bluetooth technology. Thanks to this wireless connection, the sensor platform continuously monitors different parameters and sends the measured values to the Android application that receives, stores and displays them on different graphs as a hospital monitor. Moreover the application allows the user to calibrate the sensors and to set some parameters of the hardware circuit. All the set-up information as well as the measured data has to be collected in the cloud. The implementation of a database for managing the users that can have access to the cloud will be also considered.


  • Android programming
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Interest in electrical measurements with lab equipments