Survey of Micro-Mechanical/Bio-Sensor Technologies

***Archived: This is a past project,  it is not on offer at the moment!***

Project Description:

The Integrated Systems Laboratory (LSI) has initiated a project to develop Lab-on-a-Chip (LoC) systems. A LoC system will combine various micro-mechanical/bio-sensor systems with digital processing elements and will be able to automate analysis procedures that are still being performed by large laboratories. Integrated LoCs will be comparatively cheap to manufacture. This will enable them to be deployed at large numbers for healthcare applications, environmental monitoring and quality control during production.

In this project, a comprehensive survey of existing micro-mechanical bio-sensor systems will be made. Different approaches to sensor realizations should be classified and leading researchers, institutes and companies should be identified. The result should be (series of) WWW pages detailing the sensors and providing links to relevant publications and other www pages. These pages will be made accessible from the LSI web page and will act as a reference for the LoC project.


  • Make a survey of ongoing research efforts for micro-mechanical and bio-sensors.
  • Identify main research directions and leading institutes & companies.
  • Prepare an instructive web site with information on the sensors, links to researchers and publications.


  • Ability to develop and mantain web pages
  • Basic knowledge on electronics and micro-mechanical systems

This project was supervised by Frank K. Gürkaynak.

***Archived: This is a past project,  it is not on offer at the moment!***