Measurement and characterization of noise in biosensors

***Archived: This is a past project,  it is not on offer at the moment!***


Contact person: Dr. Sandro Carrara, Senior Researcher
                            Ms. Sara Ghoreishizadeh, PhD student


Project description:
The student should extract biosensor noise during the detection of different molecules (H2O2, glucose, lactate, etc) in chronoamperometry and cyclic voltammetry measurements. The measurements should be performed using available equipments and different electrode materials (gold, graphite, etc) and enzymes, in different situations (temperature, voltage, concentration, types of CNT).

The extracted noise includes noise generated in the interface of the electrode, carbon nanotube, protein (enzyme) and the analyte in the biosensor.  The measured noise, specially low frequency noise, should be characterized and possibly fit to the existing noise models. Otherwise a new model to define the biosensor noise should be developed.

Project Task:
•    A short literature overview (with deep understanding of existing noise models).
•    Measure the noise of different biosensors with different types of target molecules, enzymes and electrodes.
•    Compare the results with those in literature and characterize the extracted noise to develop a new model that describes the biosensor noise. Emphasis will be placed on the development of closed form models.

Eligibility Requirements:
•    Basic knowledge of biosensors and electrochemistry.
•    Basic knowledge of noise in circuits, systems and electrochemical reactions.
•    Familiarity with chronoamperometry and cyclic voltammetry methods.

***Archived: This is a past project,  it is not on offer at the moment!***