Body Dust: Nano-Biosensors for Drinkable CMOS Diagnostics

**** Master Project ****


Contact: Dr. MER Sandro Carrara, Senior Scientist, EPFL-IC-IINFCOM-LSI
                Dr. Pantelis Georgiou, Lecturer, Center for Bio-Inspired Technology, Imperial College

This master project will be conducted in collaboration with Imperial College/London


In recent years, nanostructured microelectrode arrays have been shown to enhance the sensitivity of electrochemical techniques. Along this pathway, the next step is to investigate the extreme limits in lateral sizes of nanostructured electrodes with the aim to verify the possibility to develop a body dust for diagnostics: kind of drinkable CMOS electronics capable to sense from inside the human body and provide telemetry of his main metabolic parameters.

Goal of the project is the definition and test of series of optimum geometries of metallic electrodes onto silicon substrates for the fabrication of CMOS sensing biochip with so small sizes to envisage the possibility to drink them for in-vivo metabolism monitoring.

Project Tasks

  • Simulation of the behavior of different geometries of microelectrode arrays for a pool of target analytes, and selection of the best ones.
  • Microfabrication of the electrodes onto silicon substrates.
  • In-vitro test of the realized electrodes: realization of an enzyme-based biosensor for metabolism monitoring and optimization of the electrochemical technique of sensing measurement.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Basic knowledge on biosensors
  • Basic knowledge of lithography and microfabrication
  • Interest and motivation