Test and Optimization of Microelectrode Arrays for Biosensing of Metabolites and Pharmacological Compounds

*** Master Project ***


Contacts:  Dr. MER Sandro Carrara, Senior Scientist, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI
                   Ms. Francesca Stradolini, PhD Student, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI


Project Description:
In recent years biosensors have been developed for the electrochemical detection of metabolites and exogenous substances. Amperometric biosensors provide rapid, accurate and quantitative detection of drugs and metabolites with an inexpensive and simple to use set-up. The design of an array of sensors can enable the detection and quantification of multiple substances at the same time. A critical issue is the bio-functionalization of the sensor in order to enhance the sensing performances.

Goal of the project is the optimization of the sensor functionalization to detect different metabolites and drugs. A chip consisting of 4 independent sensors, a pH sensor and a temperature sensor will be employed. The chip will be integrated into an implantable chip.

Project Tasks:

Test of 3 different electrode geometries to find the best one

  • Test of different functionalization with nanomaterials and enzymes
In vitro test of the electrodes for detection of several metabolites and drugs
  • Study of the feasibility of the detection of multiple substances at the same time (interferences, influence of temperature and pH)

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge on biosensors

  • Basic knowledge of materials and chemistry
Interest and motivation